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Largest platform, interim tradable co-share loans with value potential of 20%

Benefit from net annual rent of homes with annual long-term value increase and cash at much higher vacancy value when tenant terminates. Current starter homes in the Randstad where share loans can be traded mid-term on the basis of annual valuations. You do this on the largest share platform in the Benelux. Get in up to 80% of the vacant value. Take advantage of the few share loans still available and register.


Portfolio value in 2022


Years of real estate experience


The largest asset class in the world


Annual growth 


Expected annual returns 

Bosschestraat 6 Den Haag

Price per bond





Van Bylandtstraat 163 Den Haag

Price per bond





With 40 million euros of real estate under management, we are growing rapidly and offering property owners a platform for their bond offers that meet our extensive selection criteria so that you can easily choose yourself. We also take care of the entire management and pay out net rental income to our investors every 12 months for your passive income. You can indicate yourself with the amount you invest in order to achieve an optimal return:

How can I profit?

You may not have access to real estate, or you may not have enough capital available. By creating an account on My Prop, you can immediately invest in real estate for 950 euros in 1 minute without having to do much work yourself.Furthermore, depending on your investment profile, you can spread yourself out per property with different expected returns.


Through our advertising platform, we offer an accessible way for everyone to invest directly in their property so that they can benefit from passive income and value increases. Invest in part of a property and earn a significant annual return on your investment!

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The benefits 


Passive income

Enjoy passive income and expected appreciation are now accessible to everyone.



You can fully personalize your investment portfolio by selecting different properties and investing your desired amount.



We are the largest platform for directly investing in Dutch real estate, with 30 years of experience.



At any time, you can buy or sell your investment on the secondary market and are therefore not tied to fixed ecosystems.



Buying and/or selling real estate is now more advantageous because no broker or notary is required.



In as little as one minute, you will have access to all necessary information.


Why My Prop

My Prop Vastgoedbeheer has over 30 years of real estate investing experience and thus understands how to select the right locations with low vacancy risk due to expected persistent housing scarcity and locations where value growth is still to be expected.


Until recently, investing in real estate was limited to larger investors looking to build wealth. My product makes real estate investing accessible to everyone, starting at €950. For example, by advertising on our platform, property owners offer everyone the opportunity to buy bonds in order to also benefit from an increase in value. We want to maintain a good reputation for the long term and spend a lot of time selecting and screening the owners. The properties must meet our criteria, such as a low vacancy risk due to the expected continuing housing shortage and locations where value growth can still be expected, among other things.


By being transparent and providing extensive information, we also offer novice real estate investors an educational platform with lectures and extensive information about real estate investing. Investing on the platform also has the advantage of being a cheaper process because investors no longer need a notary or broker. Property owners advertise their bonds through our platform before they are reviewed and meet our selection criteria. They are also easily tradable at any time without depending on the limitations of the publisher's ecosystem.


Creating an account on My Prop is free, and we then provide you with extensive information so that you can increase your investment knowledge. If you invest, there are limited costs, so that you can invest in real estate at a low cost in a fast, easy, transparent way, and make this possible by means of your own dashboard. Invest now

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