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Founder: Dirk Oerlemans

Dirk Oerlemans is both the offering and issuing institution for the offered homes.


Our My Prop Realty management team has over 30 years of experience investing in real estate, so we now know how to select the right locations with expected value growth. Until recently, real estate investing was limited to larger investors looking to build wealth. My product makes real estate investing accessible to everyone for €95.

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For example, by advertising on our platform, property owners offer everyone the opportunity to buy bonds and benefit from value growth. We want to maintain a good reputation in the long term, so we spend a lot of time selecting and screening the owners, and the properties must meet our criteria, such as the low risk of vacancy due to the expected continued housing shortage and locations with potential for value growth, among other things.


By being transparent and providing comprehensive information, we also provide an educational platform for the novice real estate investor, with lectures and comprehensive information on real estate investing.


Our mission

We offer mainly existing rented properties, so we do not withdraw homes for the buyer's market.

Ensure adequate maintenance and provide good locations for fine living.

Provide a learning platform for both novice and experienced investors. 

We make real estate investing easy and accessible for everyone to benefit from passive income and value appreciation.

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